Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentines decor

"vows, young couple, man and wife"

It's time! Yay for the month of love and hearts and ushy gushy-ness and flowers. bring it on!!
I don't usually decorate much for Valentines day, just a little something here and there. This year I added a few extra touches that I'm really enjoying. Everything centers around my favorite Penguins. These guys are adorable. I found them at an antique store in Winston-Salem years ago and they are hands down my favorite decoration of all time. Their 'fur' is made up of tiny little beads and yes, that's hand-knitted scarves around them. I was just passing through Winston so I've never been back to the store, but boy was it a gem. What a find. This is my main table that you see when you walk into the house, since we don't have a fireplace I decorate it as I would a mantle. Which is fine by me, I love this little table. Here is the before picture of what I had up in January, although I thought about taking it after I started taking things down so it's missing a few items but you get the gist...

And here it is ready for Valentine's Day- that precious penguin family isn't going anywhere! I added fleece hearts and xox to their scarves, made a simple frame insert and then worked on the vase filler. I found these wonderful vine branches off the side of the road and spray painted them white. I just love the inter twining and twisting. Then I cut up a romance book from Goodwill into hearts, glittered the edges of some, burned the edges of others for some depth and circled some lovey (sometimes dirty-hey it's just me and my mister) words, ya know things like "perfect bride," "i will love you forever," "wedding" etc. Total cost about 1.50 and it is perfect for me-simple and romantic. I like the basic red and white . oh, and the heart is from Michael's last year after sale. gotta love it :)

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