Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New years resolutions in effect-number 1. Read more, ponder more, less tv

We have been watching totally too much tv around here. It's a little too normal to be eating in front of the tv even-which is just not okay! Santa brought us table topics for Christmas and we've used them a bit since then as we try to eat at our dinner table more often.
We also decided to..dun dun dun.. drop cable. We dropped it last week and this Saturday we joined our public library. One of the branches is literally 10 minutes away from us. Boy have things changed since I've been to the library!! You can now reserve books online and they will have them ready for you when you get there, you can renew online and you even check them out yourselves. Our branch was super clean and was full of books. I came home with three and the mister came home with two. We're both super excited to get started on them!
I realized while I was trying to find some that I like that I have no clue how to pick out books though! As a youngster at the library I would just walk down the aisles and peruse until I found one I liked (which is what I did yesterday) and then as I got older I mostly read literature and was so surrounded by other readers that I always knew what to read next or could just go to an author I knew. I'm not always up for reading classics anymore, though I did get Gilgamesh so what do I do? Anyone know of good lists to refer to or have any recommendations? Thanks!

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