Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial-Tassle Mania!!

I have always loved the fabulous over the top tassles. I've found some tutorials in blog land and decided to give it a go. These are my first ones and I'll definitely amp up the glam factor on the next few.

I took a bunch of pictures but they don't seem to coincide too well with the steps- I'll have to get better at this. Feel free to ask questions.

1. Gather your materials. You'll need:
-a topper- I used a Christmas ornament and a small door knob with the metal parts running through removed
-a cap from a hairspray bottle or whatever you find that fits the base of your topper.
-Your chosen trims
Twine if you are having long trims coming from the center as in the pink and green one.

you can see in this second picture that I've already looped the ribbon through the knob for hanging. (step 3) and gathered my middle (step 2 )

2. gather your middle and tie with a piece of twine. For the pink and green tassle I cut up pieces from a sample fabric square. For the lighthouse tassle I didn't do this step.

3. Secure your topper to the cap. This can be done one of two ways. For the lighthouse topper I just hot glued it on. For the pink and green topper, I used a black door knob so to make the hook I strung a ribbon through the hole and tied a not on the bottom. Next you need to make a hole in your plastic top and put the ribbon not through it thus connecting the ribbon loop to the knob and to the plastic top.

4. Take your middle fringe set and put inside your top with lots of super glue to secure.

5. Add your next layers with your trims to your desired satisfaction, building layers and covering the outside of the plastic top.

I thought I was done on this step with the pink and green tassle- I showed it to my husband and he said it looked like an octopus- black trim to the rescue.... What do you think? Should I have left it like this?

And Voila- beautiful tassles. The lighthouse one is commemorative for my husband and I- he proposed at night on the top of Cape Hatteras. The pink and green one I love but have nowhere to put it just yet....

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  1. Great tassels!! I love how you use stuff around your house!

    Have a great day!