Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursday- give the dog groomer the boot.

I found the best poodle groomer last year. The owners could be straight out of "Best in Show" and they are true show groomers- Mingo always came home looking absolutely spiffy. When we added our second poodle (Mingo is a doodle but we always got him trimmed like a poodle b'c he's an f1b) there was just no way we could afford two grooming bills every 3 or 4 months at $100 a pop. So, I started looking into grooming them myself after my parents suggested it. Of course my Mom would suggest this- she cut the families hair when we were growing up- I got some silly haircuts though....
I digress, and really, it's best to avoid thinking about those times...did your parents cut your hair? how about your ears(along with a "woops, sorry honey")?

For Christmas we got an Andis professional electric razor with 4 attachments for different lengths. We ended up buying nail trimmers at $15 and and grooming shears at $6 and I think the razor costs about $100 and has a two year guarantee. Eventually we'll have to replace the ceramic blade which isn't too expensive. Regardless, we're still ahead here at $121 for two dogs for two years of grooming!This is the second time we've groomed Mingo and the first time we used the razor with no attachments to get close to his face and to trim his feet. Trimming his ears and tail took some time and I admit that the first time we trimmed his ears he looked a bit goofy-hello learning curve. Watching lots of youtube videos on poodle grooming really helped.


during- lots and lots of hair to sweep up

after- a perfectly happy dog and well groomed if I do say so myself and a nicely padded wallet thanks to all this savings!

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