Thursday, December 9, 2010

adventures in bread making

In my efforts to become super-wife and eventually super-mom I have been trying to conquer the world of making my own bread. With our kitchen aid stand mixer nothing stands in my way...well, except the trials and tribulations of yeast, different flour, i could go on...

My first few attempts I used the kitchen aid recipe for quick-bread as I had never made my own bread before; I had just watched my Momma. This recipe was wack-mix dry ingredients then add wet, let rise in fridge? very different from mixing yeast with warm water and letting rise in draft free warm place like i'm used to. I stuck to it though for 2 rounds of bread before I declared that "I know better" as they kept turning out dough-y in the worst way.

This week= success! I used this recipe: -rolls.html for dinner rolls and they came out delicious.

The hubs and I ate way more than we needed to and we keep going back for snacks. On some of them I added honey, some I added garlic and italian seasoning. We definitely like the seasoning better.

Last night I made bread again with success, using the tried and true method of letting rise in warm oven and dissolving yeast in warm water. I think I may be getting the hang of this. Next on the list- homemade hamburger buns!

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